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The Seer - Card 2

The Seer

Card 2. The Known and Unknown. The Sixth Sense. Tune in. Using the tools. Depth of Power.

The Seer. She asks without asking, knows without knowing, sees without seeing, and hears without hearing.

The Shaman introduced us to our tools and now The Seer asks us to put them to use. Will you use them in the way that seems expected? Or do they hold a different meaning, a different form of service for you? There is no one way.

The Seer, dressed in passionate red and draped in skins adorned with land animals, caped in feathers, and hooded in protection, can tell us secrets of our environment, interpret our dreams, and call our attention to important omens. Like The Shaman, she is mysterious, but he way is much less flashy than that of The Shaman. Her power is so profound - notice how she seems to draw energy up through her arms from the very earth, itself - that she has no need for showmanship. The mossy, grand tree behind her feeds her, keeps her, holds her. Upon meeting her, she asks us to find our own quiet, our own way of tuning in, telling us, through no spoken words that we too have the same power and abilities she does, if we only fall still, listen, look, trust.

She looks into the water to see with eyes closed. She opens her ears to hear messages whispered in the wind with her hood drawn over her head. She feels the energy of the earth and our questions without touching her hand to the ground or us. She embodies all elements, all beings, all ages at once. She is herself and she is everything.

She knows how to put her tools to work for her - find your way with your own. Though we might be curious about what is in her bag, what treasures does she hold dear? it isn't necessary for us to know. Only is it necessary to divine what we want to put in our own bag.


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