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It's time for you to bring in more money, clients and opportunities in a spiritually aligned way,
without selling your soul!




an exclusive society of divine guidance

for spiritually wise and wealthy


Abraham Lincoln had a Spiritual Mentor

- how about you?

Are you incorporating Spiritual Guidance into

your business?

If not, I get it.

I used to run my spiritual work super-secretly and on the

side - because I was afraid of being seen, afraid of being

judged and -crazily- I thought I would lose money if

people knew I was doing this work… (even though I kept

receiving endless divine messages to do exactly the


What actually happened when I finally listened to those

messages and showed up publicly and fully in my gifts

was that I called in a much bigger audience of people

who 100% wanted my intuitive services and coaching,

I brought in more money than ever before and created

a thriving full-time business.

You get what I’m saying? Receiving divine guidance,

listening to what my intuition & spiritual guides were

saying and then taking action on the guidance received was the key that unlocked my business.

And part of that guidance was to publicly say “I am uniquely good at seeing what you’re not seeing and hearing what you’re not saying.” This skill, combined with my decades of experience in psychology and education, allows me to bring precise and direct divine guidance to my clients.


Divine Guidance is the key to unlocking your more profitable business.


Savvy entrepreneurs & leaders (think Oprah, Steve Jobs, and the aforementioned Abraham Lincoln) have retained high-level spiritual guidance to inform their actions since time immemorial.


Luckily for you - you get to learn from my mistakes and bring in the divine guidance that you and your business are craving right now

strength sequoia.jpg
Sequoia spoke truth to me and brought tears of KNOwing

Just hearing her speak it was a REALIZATiON!!! Our sessions together have really started to move the wheels. And I find myself being able to really do the things I Want to do.

My mind has shifted so much and all the feeling of lack - I'm really turning those thoughts around…

I'm feeling a lot of abundance coming into me with my business. Some amazing things are happening for me and my business.” 


You can incorporate Divine Guidance into your business, bringing in more money and opportunities in a spiritually aligned way inside of… 


an exclusive society of divine guidance for discerning entrepreneurs

The weekly live intuitive tarot business guidance subscription

With Spiritual Business & Money Mentor, Intuitive Reader - Sequoia Nacmanie

Sequoia's approach to intuitive tarot reading
How Siri Healed her Money Story, Called in
Guest Teaching Opportunities and Ran her 1st Retreat

If you could …

  • Bring in more money and spiritually aligned opportunities by following Divine guidance

  • Lean into your strengths and unique gifts as an entrepreneur & businessperson

  • Enjoy clarity in what actions to take in your business

  • Enhance your own Intuitive Connection

…would you give yourself  that opportunity 

  • Trying to force yourself into a sales system that doesn’t resonate with you (and therefore doesn’t actually bring in your next level of wealth, money and profit)

  • Second-guessing your own intuition about your business

  • Playing small, pretending your unique strengths & gifts are just run-of-the mill

After helping 100s of amazing humans like you ignite their intuitive gifts and start leading with their talents, I know this system works.


  • Receive live, divinely-guided intuitive tarot readings each week with actionable guidance


  • Receive email follow-up to enhance your understanding of the weekly session and how it applies to business and a check-in to keep you accountable



  • Take note of how this guidance applies DIRECTLY to you and your business.

  • During the live reading you write down exactly how this guidance is relevant to your business, your life, your dreams. And you write down your commitment to yourself and your business for the specific action you will take that week to honor this divine guidance and move your business forward.



  • Then you take action on the guidance received

  • You go do the thing! You honor your commitment and do what you said you would. (Yes, even if it’s challenging or intense. But don’t worry - sometimes the guidance will most definitely be to chill and lean back. This is an action too ;)

    Taking action is key. You can receive all the guidance in the world but if you do nothing with it… nothing happens.

I can tell you that Sequoia 💯 delivered:

She gave me clarity on the scope and timing of new business initiatives I'm working on this year and...

She gave me direction on how to release stuck trauma in my nervous system.


I feel lighter—and stronger. If you're interested in growing your business—and even more, yourself, check her out.


Silvana Sunflowers.jpg




Heya - I’m Sequoia Nacmanie (knock-MAH-nee)


And what I already know about you is…

⭐ You have healthy ambition and strong dedication to your own self development, dreams and business.

⭐You have a deep desire and willingness to keep learning and becoming a more authentic and wiser version of yourself, so you can serve even more fully.

⭐You know you are a leader and want to grow your capacity to show up in the world, to REMEMBER WHO YOU ARE, in all facets of your being (not just the ones you think are palatable and presentable!)

⭐You're already exceedingly good at your work and your craft. You already are viewed as successful (and you are!) and YOU know that aligning your actions with divine guidance and timing will make you & your work shine all the more brightly 

⭐You are more than ready to make more money in a way that aligns with your soul and makes you feel good

With over two decades of intuitive reading and a lifetime(s) of spiritual practice under my belt, plus a professional background and degrees in psychology, music and education (haha, yes I am a Gemini sun and an eternal student!) not only am I able to


✔️call in the exact divine guidance needed at the exact right time, but also able to

✔️present it in digestible and understandable ways and pair it with

✔️grounded, practical, psychologically sound advice 

And as far as music goes… what I know is that practice doesn’t make perfect… practice makes permanent, so you get email accountability check-ins to keep you on track, working on the right things, in the right way.


When I’m on stage playing music (I play piano and clarinet) and especially when I’m singing, I am 100% channeling divine messages and healings for those present.


So, will singing make its way into the readings? Will you get song recommendations to go along with the vibe of the readings? You’ll have to tune in to find out.


3 Reasons Why You Want To Incorporate Spiritual Guidance into Your



Get Spirit’s input on whether current strategies are just about to pay off or whether it’s just not the right fit/strategy for you


Soul-aligned business, soul-aligned opportunities, soul-aligned clients require soul-aligned guidance.

Cashing in on the spiritual connection and messages available to you feels gooooood and creates more impact and abundance in your life & business.


Are you taking the right actions, but not at the right time for your business? Or right time, wrong actions? Consistent intuitive guidance will set these straight for you

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Kathy Manifest House.jpg

Step inside of this sacred and warmly-held container for… 

Weekly live intuitive guidance inside our exclusive facebook group

~Receive live, divinely-guided intuitive tarot readings each week (often with energetic healings and meditations too!) with actionable, strategic guidance for your business

Monthly themes for growing your biz & healing your money relationship

~Engage with monthly themes like Abundant & Ethical Pricing, Money Healing, Wise Boundaries and more...

Playful Prosperity: weekly money journaling/meditation prompts
~Receive powerful prompts to help you uncover and heal your money blocks, help you understand how you relate to money and shift yourself into greater abundance

Bi-weekly emails to help keep you on track and accountable

~Receive email follow-up to enhance your understanding of the session and how it applies to business and a check-in to keep you accountable

Facebook community of like-minded entrepreneurs, business owners, creatives

~This is the place to share your wins from the actions you take, the ah-has you receive during the readings, share your wins, post your questions and meet-up with like-minded, spiritually inclined entrepreneurs.

Plus these super special bonuses when you join for the whole year
  • Access to Unlock Your Intuition

    Enhance your own intuitive connection in my signature 5-day course. This will get you in the perfect state of mind to get the most out of our weekly intuitive readings!

  • Golden Growth Reading

    A personally-tailored intuitive reading, recorded and sent directly to your inbox addressing your overall growth theme for the year, personal money healing and abundance guidance and actionable advice on how you can assist yourself in that growth.

“My session with Sequoia was really great and I referred her to many other VIP’s.

She was able to shine light on my money blocks and gave real-world actions for clearing!

I was able to bring in the JOY of money and how past lives affect my current reality and business!

I resonated with all of Sequoia’s insight and next steps to reach more people, grow my impact and increase my wealth.

Sequoia has a powerful way of working with others!” 


Candace McKim headshot.jpg
Price Anchor

Before now I’ve only offered this to my private clients as a 1:1 service and it was a minimum $5555 investment to work with me on an ongoing basis.


You now get this exact system for just…

$2222 when you

(and save $442!)



at $222

You may be thinking...

Do I need to know tarot to benefit from these readings?

Definitely not! Lots of my clients do not use or read tarot themselves. I will give you clear guidance and actionable advice that you don’t need any special understanding for. You will be able to gain a fuller understanding of tarot along the way, if you so desire.

When are the live sessions?

Tuesdays at 11am, Pacific Time. There is always a replay available each week if you can't make it live.

What if I’m a spiritual entrepreneur myself? Will this help me?

Definitely! If you’re already working in the spiritual realm then you know how valuable it is to have another intuitive’s perspective and guidance on the issues you’re dealing with. I know I have greatly benefited from getting readings outside my own. We all need that outside, objective guidance especially when we’re too close to something (like your business!) to see it super clearly. I’ll help you see your blind spots.

What if I’m in business but I’m not exactly an entrepreneur?

If you take clients, work in sales, or bring in financial donors then this will be of service to you. 

I’m an artist, author, musician, actor, craftsperson. Is this for me?

YES! If you are a creative this will 100% be of service to you. And side note, if you are any of the above - you are in business (but that’s a conversation and work for another time ;)

Is this a program to teach marketing?

Yes and no. Since this is for entrepreneurs we definitely do talk about marketing, ethical practices, energetics and mindset around all of this. This isn't the sole focus though.


Sam Palmer.png

"LIMITLESS helped me make a huge decision about my work life that had been a long time in coming, but that I was resisting.

At all times I felt invited to listen to my own intuition, and interpret the readings and offerings in ways that made sense to me.

My favorite part about LIMITLESS was the sovereignty Sequoia encouraged.

And when I had confusion, Sequoia reflected my situation back to me, skillfully offering guidance while honoring my agency."

“I really hear the call to be "bigger" and it doesn't feel overwhelming or any of the feelings I get when I'm forcing something to happen.”




Making Good Money But Don't Feel Good About It?

Listen up...

Does this sound familiar?

Your client roster is full but you know in your heart-of-hearts that most of those clients are no longer a good fit. Perhaps
you're working in an industry that, when you're real with yourself, doesn't align with your ethics and soul. You end up overgiving, working in ways that don't sit well in your soul, and feeling resentful and exhausted as a result.


Or perhaps...

You're dipping your toe
(and maybe even your whole leg!) into the work that you know you're meant to do in the world, but you feel handcuffed by the other work/job you do that financially supports you, your family and your lifestyle and can't see a way out of it.

Or maybe you're this person...

You know you're undercharging and want to stop but don't know how to get out of it because you love the people you serve, don't feel people can or would pay you more, or are just plain anxious about raising your rates.



Here’s what I know to be true - if I hadn’t received and acted upon divine guidance there is no way I would be where I am today. I would still be doing work that wasn’t quite right in ways that weren’t quite right for me and for my Soul’s Mission on this Earth.

You are a unique individual and as such require unique business guidance. Yes, the strategies and programs you’re in are super valuable. AND there are parts that don’t work or resonate for you. That’s where my potent intuitive connection comes in to work for you, to suss out what’s right and when it’s right for you.

I see so many entrepreneurs, business people and creatives not fully owning their power to be in spiritual alignment while making money and deeply enjoying their work. 

We're going to turn that around.

And yes, I am talking to you, high-end earners. You can definitely be bringing in “good money” without bringing in energetically good money - money that feels good to you. You can be visible while still hiding. You know what I mean?

I want you in your power, in spiritual alignment, making the right moves at the right time, in strong and joyful co-creation with Spirit. 


Practical AND spiritually aligned guidance is the way to make that happen.


divine guidance for discerning entrepreneurs


JOIN NOW FOR ONLY $222/month



and enjoy a $442 discount 


© 2023 by Sequoia Nacmanie LLC. 

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