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Case Study: From Ignoring Hurts to Embracing standing in her Full Power

Siri went from pretending old hurts didn't exist to healing, connecting and embracing the call to be Bigger in her Soul's Mission

Case Study: From Triggered to
Calm Resolve

Liz went from being triggered, upset and reactive to calm, responsive and spiritually grounded.

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Nicole Kauhi,

Jeweler, Reiki Master

SiriAnna Strommen,

Mom, Pastor,

Songwriter, Author

Francesca Perez,

Owner: Francesca's Flowers

April Ly,


Elizabeth Stark,

Writer and Educator

"Thank you for another great session!


It was helpful to allow me to trust what was coming thru and to let go of my personal fear of not being 'perfect' or having the right answer and to just tune in and translate."

I really hear the call to be "bigger" and it doesn't feel overwhelming or any of the feelings I get when I'm forcing something to happen, after working with Sequoia both in group classes and 1-on-1 sessions.

Many things were a revelation to me. I loved the focus as we learned about new spiritual practices. Sequoia is so gentle and inviting, and I learned things I hadn't even considered before! I would definitely recommend working with her simply to open up or deepen your own sense of Spirit in yourself and with the world.

Sequoia spoke truth to me some brought tears of KNOwing and just hearing her speak it was a REALIZATiON!!!


Our sessions together have really started to move the wheels. And I find myself being able to really do the things I Want to do.

My mind has shifted so much and all the feeling of lack - I'm really turning those thoughts around....

Really I'm feeling a lot of abundance coming into me with my business and reconnecting with friends.

Some amazing things are happening for me and my business. That's an amazing feeling..


My path keeps getting led to amazing clients and people!

I've gotten very very introspective. I go into my meditation time to Be with my self fully amazingly, beautiful, spiritually.

Sequoia was MY VALIDATION.... I feel myself getting lighter and lighter, as I learn to carve out my boundaries!!!

 "After working with Sequoia, I realized I used to keep a journal and have been stopped for a few years. Now I've started again.


I also write stories and have been working on one since I was 13 but also put that on a pause. Now it’s time to really start on it again."

Remembering and pursuing your dreams with a strong structure of accountability is what you can expect.

Sequoia is a fabulous guide, grounded, intuitive, warmly encouraging, and insightful.


Her sessions give much more than basics--they teach storytelling, self-trust, ways of opening possibilities and connections between your biggest questions and the place where your deepest answers reside.


Highly recommended for everyone from newcomers to aficionados, from those who want  to understand life, to those who want to write stories, create art, or those who simply want to live more deeply and fully.

Even More Amazing Outcomes...

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