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When and why do you use your Intuition, Empath?

Raise your hand if you...

⁣👋 have felt drained or tired from feeling other people’s emotions

👋 have gotten overwhelmed in public/crowded spaces

👋 find yourself overly involved in other people’s feelings

👋 find yourself solving problems for other people

👋 have been called “overly sensitive”

Almost daily, I talk to beautiful empathic, intuitive souls who have AMAZING abilities, but still struggle to not feel exhausted & overwhelmed.

When they msg me, they're always talking about how they love their empathic gift… but

🚩 “sometimes it all gets a little too much”

🚩 they struggle to “turn it off” or

🚩 “I like helping people and it makes me feel good, but I also don’t because I can’t say no sometimes"

... all themes I hear often.

My first question is usually, "When do you use your intuition and empathy... and why?" Almost like clockwork, this is where I hear CRICKETS... ⁣

Friends, the reason you're feeling exhausted by other people and their issues is not really because of them 😨

(I know! Crazy, right?)

You just need to be able to effectively learn and use healthy energetic practices to clear out what isn’t yours. This allows you the space to truly, deeply know how YOU feel, what YOU think & what it important to YOU.

Imagine if you could be around the person or situation that most exhausts you right now, without feeling depleted by it!

Imagine being so clear on what your own energy field is meant to contain that when energy vampires try to drain you it has no effect on you whatsoever!

Imagine no compassion fatigue!

Imagine being able to help from a place of clarity, because YOU made the decision to do so!

Inside Intuitive Energetic Hygiene, I help empaths & intuitives do exactly this through step-by-step lessons, giving you a multitude of practical tools to keep your beautiful empathic self feeling invigorated, sacred, & even MORE CAPABLE.

Intuitives, empaths, highly sensitive people, psychics, starseeds, coaches, counselors, personal assistants, givers, people pleasers... ANYONE who wants to feel less energetically drained & more aligned with themselves... this is for you!


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