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Intuitive Energetic Hygiene

Ready to stop absorbing everyone else's "stuff" and
use your empathy as a superpower for your highest good?

A 6-Week Exploration of
Intuition, Empathy and Energetic Tools
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After this class, you will be able to:

✓ know how, when and why to use your intuition

✓ how to open and close your intuitive channel

✓ determine what your strongest "clair" is and build up the others

✓ learn and use energetic cleansing and clearing practices, including grounding

✓ be able to set strong intentions

✓ know how and why to set intuitive and spiritual boundaries

✓ meditate more easily and in new ways

✓ create and deepen your spiritual connection

✓ trust and believe in yourself

✓ incorporate plant communication in intuitive work

✓ create you own ways of doing all of the above


✨                     ✨

When you Join the Class you Get

Access to a new Module each week of content-rich, practical,

and immediately applicable video lessons.

Three live Q&A lesson calls with me

(Yes! Replays available if you can't make it live.)

Invitation to my private Facebook Community of like-minded people

Email support from me throughout the six weeks

Lifetime access to all course materials after the 6 weeks are over

Good Friends

"After taking Sequoia's Energetic Intuitive Hygiene course, I have learned and been able to apply methods and practices to not only feel into my own unique energy field, but to also lean into my discernment and protect my energy. This alone has been invaluable, and I enjoyed working alongside like-minded peers to uplift and support this journey."   - Mina T

"The IEH Class was a revelation to me. I loved the focus as we learned about new spiritual practices. The entire course was so gentle and inviting, and I learned things I hadn't even considered before! I would definitely recommend taking this class simply to open up or deepen your own sense of Spirit in yourself and with the world."

-Siri Strommen

Still not sure? Have questions?

Email me at

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