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Healing Soul Journey

A Healing Soul Journey is a co-creation between Spirit, me and your higher self. This healing is done asynchronously and at-a-distance, so no appointment time is needed. The 2 ½ - 3 hour journey begins with a soft entry into intuitive space, when the moment calls.

As I enter this space, energetic cleansing and clearing is done, sometimes to the accompaniment of music, as I am intuitively guided. Certain plants may appear and offer themselves for use, in which case I respectfully harvest and bring them into the healing space, or call on them energetically if not available physically. I begin to receive guidance and messages for you in this soft entry.

Once the clearing is done, I set the intentions and say prayers for healing in the interest of your highest good. I ask for protection as I call in guides, ancestors, allies, angels, animal friends and Spirit to help this work, who are also aligned with your highest good. I call in my own guides, including Four Grandmothers, to help guide and protect the journey. I often sing in an intuitive and unplanned form, allowing prayer to come about in song, usually without words. I pull a card or two as grounding themes for the work. I will likely burn incense or dried plants and ask that these petitions be carried up on the smoke as it rises.

Once this feels complete, I enter into meditation to get into the deeper work. Once in deeply protected and receptive space, I travel to the astral realm where I "meet with" you and you show me/we are shown scenes that have special meaning for you. These scenes are symbolic and I interpret their meaning for your healing and growth. Beings may come in any of the above mentioned forms to give guidance, suggestions and protection along the way. I will communicate, ask questions, request clarifications as needed with your higher self and helpers. Any further clearings or work that asks to be done here is completed.


Depending on each individual journey I will be shown a variety of tools for your specific healing: words/prayers/mantras, spiritual practices, songs, food suggestions, plants and animals to connect with, color and symbols and how to apply them and/or what they mean for you.

As the journey finishes, you and I thank Spirit and all the helpers who came, giving offerings as it feels right to do so, we thank each other in the astral plane as well. We bid farewell and I begin to come back to the earthly plane, coming out of deep meditation. Once back, I stay in intuitive space as I write down the account of the journey, noting symbols and their meaning, writing any further messages that come through. After writing I record the account of your journey, still in intuitive space, receiving any final messages for you.

Then the photos of notes, your cards and anything else I felt called to photograph are emailed to you, along with the audio recording of your journey. After it is all sent, I do a final closing of the intuitive circle, returning us both fully into our own lives and out of intuitive space together.

This offering is $222 and is limited to 6 clients per month.

Healing Soul Journey.jpg

cards from Lightseer's Tarot

The cards I pulled when I asked Spirit to show what cannot be put into words about a Soul Healing Journey

"Sequoia’s talents to capture and access Spirit based knowledge is unparalleled.  I thoroughly enjoyed experiencing the Healing Soul Journey and will absolutely be going back for another.  I honestly can’t explain how wonderful listening to her recording was.  The whole journey rang very true.  I have left this experience with guided knowledge shared by Sequoia that includes mantras, dietary changes, spiritual and creative work, affirmations, offerings, and encouraged topics of further education.   The very poetic  nature of the Soul Journey gave amazing visuals akin to my favorite movie Big Fish; colorful, bright, and nostalgic.   I am so happy that this service is now offered at Infinity Tree Tarot and feel blessed to have gained the insights shared.  Thank you Sequoia for bravely offering your gifts to all of us!"


I've had tarot sessions with Sequoia in the past and truly felt that she's an authentic expert and has my best interest in heart and mind. Recently, I approached her again for guidance on a matter related to a personal relationship and she offered an option of guiding me through a soul healing journey. I felt totally comfortable as I trust Sequoia and sincerely believe that she does her best to be a channel and instrument in the interest of her client's highest good. I provided her a brief background on the issue and also specified what I was looking for.  She meditated by herself and sent me her insights via audio along with pictures of her notes and also shared insights on a card she pulled for me. Her insights and suggestions resonated with me and are very helpful on my journey. Sequoia is kind, generous, dependable, trustworthy, insightful and someone I deeply respect and highly recommend. I'm honored to be her first official client on this new offering and I wish her the best! I have no hesitation in recommending Sequoia and will seek her offerings again when I need them.


  - Abhi

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