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Empath's Red & Green Flags

A reminder that your intuitive, empathic sensitivity isn’t inherently good or bad! It is influenced by HOW YOU USE IT/IF YOU LET IT USE YOU Green flags: 💚 you let your sensitivity inform your day to day actions and life goals 💚 you decide when and how to use your intuition, as well as for whom 💚 you feel strengthened and uplifted by your empathic nature Red flags: 🚩 you feel bombarded by other people’s emotions/issues 🚩 you feel responsible for everyone else’s happiness above your own 🚩 you don’t feel able to “turn it off” And sometimes it’s a mix of green and red, you know? Sometimes we’re all green and then slide back into red. That’s ok – that’s life! That’s when you revisit all the good practices. We’re starting Intuitive Energetic Hygiene Nov. 1st – that’s soon! We will be learning and practicing good energetic boundaries to keep you in the green and out of the red. Ready to fill up your empathic tanks and feel energized by your sensitive nature?


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