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Intuition vs. Grasping

When you're reading for yourself or others, or when you're making a more conscious effort to tune in to your own intuition generally, it can sometimes be difficult to tell when you're actually receiving some intuitive knowings and when you're simply wanting/not wanting something in a strong way.

When we're emotionally invested in certain outcomes, it can become more difficult to be objective about our intuition.

Recently, I ran a workshop at Many Rivers Books, in Sebastopol and we tried an exercise that I'd like to suggest to you:

Pull a card from your tarot deck (or if you don't have a deck, pick a random post from my Instagram feed) and interpret it with a strong grasping feeling. When you see this card what do you desperately want or not want to be true about it? With an inner anxiousness, what does this card say to you? ... ... Now, center and ground yourself, breathing deeply, interpret this card again. When you feel this card from your intuitive space, what do you know?

Notice within your own self how the two different ways of being with the card feel different. You can then bring mindfulness of these different states to your everyday goings on.

Let me know how this goes for you!

With You in Intuitive Mindfulness,


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