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One more thing.

 You're in!  🎉

We've officially received your registration for


Online Summit Series!

Want to grow a wildly profitable business without selling your soul AND support Black, Indigenous and Queer-led community

land stewardship, active forest restoration

and wildfire risk reduction?


Love the ability to access spiritually-inclined expert business advice to help grow your business in a GOOD way (with none of the ick-factor?)

Treasure having the freedom and space to listen at your leisure many times over? (rather than once, on a tight timeline?)

Feel inspired to support forest restoration and interconnected ecosystems while attracting clients in an ethical and spacious way?

Then you will want to know about...

Listen to every expert speaker (as many times as you wish!)

Inspiration and spiritual alignment for you and your business on-demand.

With every single dollar going to The Shelterwood Collective

Shelterwood Collective Logo.png

...a 900-acre Indigenous, Black, Disabled, and Queer-led community forest and collective of land protectors and cultural changemakers, working in land stewardship, active forest restoration, wildfire risk reduction, community and cultural organizing.

Rooted in the framework of “right relations”, they model how ecosystem health can only be achieved by communities who are in deep relationship with the earth and with one another.

Every Prosperity Project Kit purchased helps The Shelterwood Collective continue their profoundly important work.

Some sobering facts...
  • 24.7 million acres of forest area are lost each year on this planet. (Think 27 soccer fields per MINUTE) causing emissions, loss of forest benefits globally and the curtailment of Indigenous rights.

  • We have now entered a new age of fire activity in the planet's history - a “Pyrocene” - not unlike the Ice Age, according to Stephen Pyne, fire historian and emeritus professor at Arizona State University. 

  • We humans are becoming increasingly disconnected from the Earth; evidenced in part by the fact that themes of nature show up significantly less in pop culture today than they did 100 years ago (with a steady decline after the 1950s.)

Redwood Forest_edited.jpg


Hey, I know how life and business can be...

I totally do want you to be there
LIVE with me for every incredible interview
aaaand I also get that it's just not always possible.


○ Full schedule of work on a certain day
○ Approximately a million kid drop-offs and pick-ups
○ Notification for your fav expert's interview that you promptly dismiss & forget
○ Internet or power outage (it has totally happened to me!)
○ Blissful device-free nature hike planned

Maybe you've got a...

Or any other number of reasons and unforeseen circumstances that might prevent you from getting to all the goodness within the week.


So do yourself a huge favor and...

Here's what's included:
TPP Kit Upgrade 1 test.png
TPP Kit Upgrade 2.png
TPP Kit Upgrade 3.png

Listen on-demand, whenever, wherever as many times as you wish!


Enhance your own intuitive ability in your business with this potent mini-course from Sequoia


Many of the experts have generously donated these business next steps, normally reserved for their clients only!


This upgrade is yours for only $127!

Know this...

These experts charge multiple $100s to multiple $1000s of dollars for an hour of their time.

You get exclusive access to these highly valuable strategies they use in their own businesses, as well as their clients' businesses.

The live interviews are available free of charge for 48 hours, but after that the only way you can access the brilliance, wisdom, insight and strategies from these luminous speakers is to get The Prosperity Project Kit.

Because you're more than ready to...

Hear "I know you're the person I'm meant to work with."
Grow your community & audience easily through trust and authentic connection
Create a sustainable, ethical and spiritually-aligned business
 Have a wildly profitable business that supports your  most deeply-held  values

Nurture your business while supporting forest restoration and interconnected ecosystems

I'm stoked to have you here and appreciate your presence!

Warm blessings,


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