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In the Deepest Deep

In the Deepest Deep In the deepest deep and the darkest dark, when the lightest light is the smallest spark, when oppression reigns and repression leads, when hate drives men in fanatic creeds... When power is held like precious seeds and the ground is barren and the waters freeze... In these darkest times we must find our spark where the flame burns bright inside our hearts. In the deepest deep and the darkest dark, we must light our light with our heart’s own spark. There are times of day when the sun shines bright, and there are times of dark in the deepest night when the souls of men turn away from light and nature suffers with disease and blight. When dark forces rule with selfish greed when MORE! and MORE! are the ego’s creed, and accumulation is beyond all need while children‘s cries are left unheeded. These are times when each awake one must with passion, heart, and guts and lust, bring forth their light, bring forth their voice, bring heart and truth and life and choice. Let freedom ring from every place! Let love flow forth – not just a taste, but glorious in fullness pour – let passions fly, let voices roar! Now raise your voice, and raise your hand, and take a vow, and take a stand to glorify yourself and others to love yourself, to love all others to live awake, with joy and fun, to use your best imagination -- creating life as you want it to be to live your life forever free! We shall not be suppressed again! The fight for freedom shall not end! Eternal vigilance shall see us now, forever, living free! - Lion Goodman

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