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Happy Thanksgiving - Love Wins.

Hello Love!

Happy Thanksgiving to those of you in the U.S. Today, I'm truly thankful for all of you, for the California sun shining on me, and for my family - those of blood, those chosen, and those of the feline species.

A little Thanksgiving reading for you awaits below - but before we get to that two notes:

1) Let's not whitewash our history.

Be mindful of and thankful for the natives who inhabit this continent. Include everyone at your table, if not physically then energetically. Support the efforts of NoDAPL water protectors.

Throughout November, I'll be donating 50% of the purchase price of readings to ChangeAHeart/NoDAPL. Details here.

If you are heading to Standing Rock and need to be connected into a network of people there and what their needs are, reply to this email and I will put you in touch with activist connectors.

2) Green Friday

For 10% off your reading in December, email me a picture of yourself out in nature tomorrow! Here in California, state parks are free to visit tomorrow - but even if you're not in CA, why not spend the day communing with our earth, rather than in consumer frenzy. If you send me pic and want me to include it in my instagram feed, let me know!

Ready for your Thanksgiving reading? Take a few slow, calming breaths and put yourself in a place of receptivity before scrolling further.

Alright, here you are:

Seven of Cups: Whoa! Feel the gratefulness of all the love that pours down on you! If you're getting flustered or angry, check back in with the love flow. Aaaand, be careful not to overindulge. This can be a card of illusion and detachment from reality, so if things are getting rough at the dinner table (my personal advice is to save the family tradition of political arguments for another, less volatile day) resist the urge to drown (or eat into oblivion, or sugar coma) your troubles. Better to see and be Love - which brings us to:

Clairvoyance: Actively be awake to Love, in all of its forms. The more you can give it, see it, and show it, the more peaceful you and your Thanksgiving will be. Sometimes Love can be masked by Fear, Jealousy, Anger all of which serve important functions. You have the ability and vision to see underneath to what is truly at play. Love isn't a superficial salve, it is the cure today. Love wins. Tell your people you Love them. Show them. Hear them. See them.

Cheers to you for a joyous, loving, perspective-taking Thanksgiving!

I Love You, I Surely Do.


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