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What I Can & Can't Do as a Tarot Reader

Tarot is a powerful tool, when used properly and respectfully. Misconceptions about tarot and tarot readers run rampant, though. Let's clear a few things up:

What I Can Do (and LOVE to Do)

-help clarify the root problem of a situation

-give you an outlook on the way things will likely go, if you do not seek to change it

-advise you on options you have and which choices align with your highest good

*Note: This is often not the easiest choice

-help you feel more peaceful and at ease/give you advice and tools on releasing anxiety

-give you and inside look at undercurrents & subtleties affecting your situation

-empower you to take knowledgeable and confident action

-help you tune into your own intuition and knowledge of what is right for you

What I Cannot (and Will Not) Do

-predict the future with 100% accuracy/give you winning lotto numbers/guarantee results

*Honestly, if anyone is promising this to you, walk away. I won't play on your fears in this way. Remember, you and everyone involved in your situation have free will. This means that things can shift, both through others and your actions.

-take away anyone's free will or choice

-just tell you what you want to hear

*Sometimes, yes, it will be what you want to hear. Other times, no, and I'll deliver that message with compassion and empathy.

-lift or give curses

*I do not believe in these, at all. Free will. Free will. Free will.

-take action for you.

What other questions do you have about what tarot can do or what I can do for you? Leave me a comment or send me an email.


Love All Ways,


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