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Joyful Spirit Roadmap

An Individualized Coaching Program to bring
Easy Spiritual Practice, Personal & Spiritual Growth
into your Everyday Life

Let's get started. Schedule your...

Happy Meditator

Are You...

-a busy professional/parent trying to incorporate a regular spiritual practice?

-longing for more sacred connection but all of a sudden life gets in the way?

-starting a practice only to then give up on it partway through?

-trying to do too many things at once, including spiritual work?

-second guessing your own intuition and decisions?

-stuck in a job that doesn't fulfill you?

-needing accountability for personal goals and spiritual growth?

-wanting to find and grow a community of like-minded humans?

-invested in your mental and spiritual health?

Let's picture your
ideal life...

✔ You have a clear vision of what you want your life to look like

✔ You have specific and achievable actions to take to move toward your goals

✔ You easily incorporate spiritual practice everyday even when life becomes busy and crazy

✔ You feel and know you are supported on the Earthly and Spiritual plane

✔ You are able to maintain your practice and sense of stability through challenging life circumstances
When we work together you will benefit from my in-the-moment intuition & connection to Spirit, to help you remember who YOU are, why YOU are here, and to keep remembering and finding joyous spirituality in every moment.

All of this is within your reach and I will give you the solutions and support to get you there!


Let's get started. Schedule your...


"I find it very nurturing and safe to be in your energy field... it was so perfectly positive, hopeful and reassuring"

-Catalina C.

"I first met Sequoia after she was recommended by a friend...Sequoia is doing something special and I am eternally grateful that she is sharing her gift."

-Emme B.

"Thank you for teaching me how to open the channel to messages from beyond and just listen. This experience really had the most amazing effect on me. My spirit is eternal and filled with an abundance of love and light. I am blessed"

-Liz O.

"I just want to say thanks again."

-Janet C.

When you say YES to yourself and enroll in this program,

I give you the keys from my wealth of experience

 🔑 Intuitive Connection to Spirit and Spiritual Practices

to help guide and direct you on your path


🔑Years of experience in teaching and motivation,

to keep you aligned and vibrant


🔑Knowledge and practical application of psychology

and psychological principles

Our 1-on-1 Sessions together blend together intuitive spiritual guidance and readings, goal setting and action planning, mindset work, specific spiritual practices tailored to you and your life, healing work in various modalities, and a warmly-held container for YOU and whatever is up for you.

The truth is, the Joyful Spirit Roadmap is not for everyone.

Yes, I am selective - because this creates space for true change and true magic to happen in our sessions.


And I only accept those who are a truly good fit - those who are genuine and ready.

Is that you? If you feel it in your soul...

Schedule your Introductory Session below

Have questions? Email me at

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