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Healing a Broken Heart

Reading Special

You can be blooming even as you're in th

 I'm offering a special reading, focused on Healing a Broken Heart, at least through March 17, 2020 - maybe longer.

We can have our hearts broken by so many situations, romantic, familial, work, pets - whatever you situation brings you here and no matter how fresh or how long into the past your broken heart reaches, this reading can help you heal.

You are deserving of healing.

This reading will explore the ways in which you can heal:


- what avenues might you consider that you haven't yet

-what blockages may be present that you can turn into an ally

-what still needs to be deeply addressed in order to continue on the path of healing


You will receive actionable suggestions on what your next steps are and healing prayers and energy given as part of the reading.

This is a 4-card mp3 reading, sent via email, offered at a special price of $33.


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