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Halloween Reading Specials

Pumpkins and Candles
Bench on Autumn Leaves

Let's celebrate!


Just because Halloween is different this year doesn't mean we can't have fun and gain insight!


As you probably heard, this is one of the times of year when the veil is especially thin.

I'm offering two special email mp3

3-card readings from

Saturday, October 24th - Saturday, November 7th

You'll receive the recording of my voice giving your reading and the photo of your cards within one week of purchase.

The Trick or Treat (and Truth)

3 cards covering:


"the Trick" - what you need to be aware of that you currently aren't/what remains in the shadows and could use investigating

"the Treat" - what you are already doing well and would be wise to continue/expand

"the Truth" - the overall advice that is most important for you to know

at a special price of $28 - book yours below













and the

Ancestors' Communiqué

3 cards covering:


-the messages from your ancestors most important for your personal growth at this time.

-exploration of family karma and patterns, should it be appropriate and in alignment

-the option to ask for messages from a specific ancestor (the ancestor will have to agree at the time of the reading)

also at a special price of $28 - book yours below

(oooooh, friends I can feel some ancestors wanting to come through even as I create this offering!)

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