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Your reading is 100% confidential.  I will not share it with anyone else, unless you give me express permission to do so.  You are welcome to share your reading with anyone you chose, but I will always keep it in full confidence.


I approach all readings from a judgment-free space.  You absolutely don't need to worry about what I will think about any query you pose.


I am affirming of all kind, good-hearted people and treat all clients and people equally, regardless of their sexual orientation, religion, belief system, skin color, gender, or any other false division you might think of.








Tarot readings never take the place of psychological counseling, a medical professional's advice, or legal counsel.  If i believe your query is better suited for, or would benefit from the additional advice of, one of the above-mentioned professionals, I will tell you without hesitation.


Tarot is a tool for self-development and growth.  I don't read for you in a predictive, prescriptive way and I don't read your mind - you always have the power and ability to shape your path and your future.  Readings with me will help you define that path, find options where you might not have seen them, and grow into a more empowered self



Infinity Tree Tarot Ethics & Policies


When reading for you, I give my fullest attention to you and your queries.  You've got all of my focus, during that time.  I honor you, as an individual, and the space created for your reading.  Combined with my thorough knowledge of the cards, my intuitive reading style gives you potent power and advice, aligned with your highest good.

While other people might come up in your reading, I won't read for a third party.  Kindly shy away from questions like "How is my daughter doing at work?" or "Will my ex leave their current partner?"  When I read, I'm reading for you!


Not all readers and clients are a good fit.  Therefore, I reserve the right to refuse service, for any reason.  No readings for anyone under the age of 18.


Please also see the Terms & Conditions for use of this site.

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