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Devilishly Delicious

Reading Special


From November 21 - December 5 of 2020 I'm offering this special reading focusing on the healthy and unhealthy coping mechanisms available to us.

As we finish out 2020 and head into winter and holiday season in the midst of the pandemic, we need a little guidance on how and where to indulge safely and how and where we ought to be careful about becoming obsessive or dangerous.


This reading will explore both where you could use a little extra indulgence - what are the good and healthy coping mechanisms available to you - as well as the ways in which you may have or could become overindulgent, obsessive or overly escapist. And the practices/overall advice for acting in alignment with your highest good, when it comes to these matters.

If there is something specific you feel addicted to or obsessive about and would like guidance on, be sure to mention that in the intake form.

This is a 4-card mp3 reading, sent via email, delivered within a week of purchase,

offered at a special price of $31. 


Image from Light Seer's Tarot Deck by Chris Anne

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