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Dancing with your Shadow

a guided pathway to deep self-understanding,
safe Shadow Work addressing the "bad" parts of you 
Special Founding Student Price of $147
Shadow Show

Live Shadow Work Course Begins July 6th 2021!

This class includes:


  • 4 weeks of 90 min group teaching and guidance calls with Q&A with me, Sequoia 


  • Recordings if you can't make it live

  • 3 Course Modules to bring you into deeper contact with yourself

  • Workbook and home practice to keep you engaged throughout the course and beyond

  • Email support from me if you have questions and concerns during the class about the work


This course is for you if you are:

  • curious about shadow work but nervous and seeking guidance

  • a spiritually inclined, courageous and curious human looking to more deeply understand themselves and heal wounds and address trauma

  • have a desire not to spiritually bypass

  • invested in your mental health

  • consider yourself an empathic, intuitive,  or highly sensitive person

  • want to enjoy this work and even have fun while looking deeply within!

What You will Gain & What to Expect

After the course you, dear one, will have gained:

  • an understanding of what shadow work really is, how to do it safely and on an ongoing basis

  • more confidence about who you are

  • greater self awareness around triggers, the "dark" parts of your personality

  • ability to use a basket of tools and practices for addressing and healing those parts

  • feel, grow and practice so much self love, acceptance and compassion

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