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When you book a reading with me, you can expect a life-affirming look at your current environment, with empowering advice on how to root and grow. 
Any of my readings can be purchased as gifts!
Tell me in the"notes" upon purchase that it is a gift
and I will send out the gift certificate,
either via email or snail mail,
to you or the recipient - your choice!
Easy peasy unique gift.
Ethics and Policies are important to me, as I honor you and your reading.  Read all about them here.
Remember, you are constantly an ever-changing, ever-growing being, so you always have the strength, power and ability to grow in another direction, if you so choose. (See that blank space in the picture above?  That's the choose-your-own-adventure part of your story.)
Ready? Set... Grow! ↓

February Self-Love Reading Special

Personalized Card of the Week or Month Subscription

These regular deliveries of personalized tarot insight give you guidance for what you can work on and with, be aware of, and how to help yourself.
You may now subscribe to your own personal card of the week or month.

Readings will be sent via email on Sundays for weeklies, and in the 1st week of the month for monthlies. You will receive a picture of your card and my intuitive interpretation of the energies and advice it gives, for you, personally.

One Card for the Month: $11/month
One Card of each Week: $38/month

Card Subscription

Email mp3 Readings

When you purchase these readings, after we communicate about your query, you will receive pictures of your cards and a recording of my voice giving the reading, which will be sent via email within a week. The readings below can be applied to any area of inquiry.

Infinity Tree Single Seed


A 1-card reading, for a quick shot of fertilizer to your growing, sprouting self.

Get inspired in a zip-zam-thanks-man! kind of way.



Infinity Tree Three


A short and sweet, 3-card reading.  Best suited for one focused area of inquiry.




Infinity Tree Branches Ten


A more in-depth, 10-card reading.  Do you have questions, concerns, hopes and dreams that ask to be delved into deeply?  This is the reading you're looking for. 





Root-LOVE-Grow Yourself


From the smallest seedling, to the tallest redwood, we all can use a reminder of how to take good care of ourselves, and grow into our fullest forms.  Want to know what kind of soil feeds you best?  Feeling like you could use some supportive insights about self-love and self-care?I got your back, right here.

Usually 6-8 cards.






Phone/Skype/In-Person Readings

Prefer your readings voice-to-voice or face-to-face? We'll chat about your questions and concerns, I'll draw cards, and advise you on how to align with your highest good.  You'll leave the call feeling more grounded and aware, energized and clear.

After purchasing, you'll receive a confirmation email from me, within 24 hours.  You will also receive suggested times for your reading, which will be scheduled within two weeks. After scheduling, I'll send you instructions about how to contact me at the time of your appointment.

20-Minute Reading

A quick look into your situation - nice for those new to and curious about readings.


30-Minute Reading

Appropriate for a bit more depth, usually returning clients.


60-Minute Reading

Best for returning clients or with recommendation from me.


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