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Hello!  I'm Sequoia.


I'm a native of upstate New York and current resident of beautiful Sonoma County, in California. 


Introduced to the tarot at a young age ( 7, I think?) I've always had a familiarity and  deep intrigue with the cards.  I began truly studying tarot and giving readings as a teenager and have developed my rooted, empowering, flexible style over the years- my passion for helping others via tarot continues and grows each day. Reading tarot *delights* me and I share that light with you!


Aside from reading tarot for you, I am also a musician/music teacher & yoga practitioner.  I love to crochet, knit and sew, organically garden and seed-save, read, hang out with my cats, Hunter and Opal, and go on adventures.  Hippy, witchy, naturey, creative, meditative kind of stuff!


Birthday: June 17th, 1982   <--- I love this date!


Favorite Color: Deep blue,

that can only be seen after the sun has set,  but before to sky becomes inky black. (Send me pictures of this, if you have 'em!)


Favorite Food: Changes, but I'm a sucker for crackers and cheese.


Inspiration: Nature, plants and how they grow, music with tight vocal harmonies, the interconnectedness of ALL things.


Wanna know more?  Email me: sequoia (@)


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